Project Tips

Choose your photos wisely.  It’s the most essential task. Make it easier by sorting your favorite and highest quality shots. Leave out any out of focus or grainy photos.

Number each photo by placing a sticky note on the back. Do not write on the photo, as this will compromise the life expectancy of your photo. If you are providing digital files, rename each file with the number (i.e. 027.jpg). 

 Decide what type of show you would like. Do you want an emotional and slow moving show? Or would you prefer a happy and uplifting show? Perhaps you would like to have a range of emotions within the show, combining songs to set the mood. Deciding this will help you choose your music. We can give suggestions, however choosing music is a very personal decision. You may provide us with your original CD or we will purchase music for you on your behalf. You must own each song for your own personal use to comply with copy write laws. The number of photos you have will determine how many songs you will need.   We can professionally edit your music choices to fit your video.

Choose your video clips. Video clips can be added to your project. Send clips to us on DVD or from a digital camcorder. We will  furter discuss this process at the time of your order. Glen Stacey Media can convert your video to digital from VHS tapes.  You can select the segments to use or we can help you select the the perfect clips to use. Video clips should be no longer then 10 seconds per clip.  The cost is $50 per hour for our video services