Terms of Service

Glen Stacey Media, Terms and Conditions

Glen Stacey Media herein enters into an agreement to perform the service of creating a DVD slide show with photographs, slides, music or other media submitted by the client, hereafter referred to as the material. By submitting the material for inclusion into our DVD photo montages, or one of our other services, the client acknowledges and agrees that Glen Stacey Media shall not be liable for any loss or damage to these materials during the shipping process, either to or from our Company. Glen Stacey Media  is not responsible for the client’s materials before they arrive at our office or once they leave our office to be returned to the client. The client hereby releases Glen Stacey Media of all liability while in our possession whether direct, consequential, or incidental, arising out of use of Glen Stacey Media services.

 Glen Stacey Media strongly recommend that our clients ship their materials via a shipping service which provides the ability to track and insure their package, such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. The client understands and agrees to release Glen Stacey Media from all liability resulting from mishandling or loss during shipping, regardless of carrier used or method of transport.

The client certifies that the photos, slides, music or other materials being presented to Glen Stacey Media are not, to his/her knowledge, protected by copyrights owned by another, or that if the material is protected, the client has obtained the permission of the copyright owner to make or have Glen Stacey Media make copies of the material, and that such permission is in written form and in the possession of the client. The client also understands and agrees that all copyrighted music submitted for inclusion in the montage must be on the artists’ original CD, purchased legally (i.e. iTunes receipt), and not on a compilation or home-burned CD. The client will hold Glen Stacey Media harmless for any judgment costs, legal fees, or other expenses that might arise by the reason of any infringement of copyright related to the order.

 The client warrants that this order is to be used exclusively for private home use, and will not be commercially distributed, nor will a fee be charged for viewing, in accordance with the Fair Use Copyright Act. Commercial use of Glen Stacey Media slideshows is strictly prohibited. Copies of our DVD slideshows may not be resold for profit or fund-raising purposes.

The client hereby acknowledges that the DVD slideshow provided to them from Glen Stacey Media is legally copyrighted and may not be duplicated for any reason, without expressed written permission from Glen Stacey Media. All original files remain the property of Glen Stacey Media, and may be used for advertising, display or other purpose seen appropriate.

 The client also understands and agrees that Glen Stacey Media is not responsible for DVD incompatibility with their DVD players. Glen Stacey Media video slideshows using only high-quality DVD+R/DVD-R Media. Each copy is checked before shipping for quality control on three (or more) different DVD players to make sure that it is working properly. Unless otherwise instructed, Glen Stacey Media uses DVD+R media. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that their DVD player is compatible, and to notify Glen Stacey Media immediately if a different media is required.

 The client agrees that the overall final quality of the slideshow is in large part directly related to the quality of the material sent to Glen Stacey Media. Glen Stacey Media is not responsible for dissatisfaction with the final product as a result of unsatisfactory original materials, including but not limited to photographs (print or digital), slides, negatives, video, or audio.

The client hereby agrees that if they are not completely satisfied with the DVD slideshow provided by Glen Stacey Media, they must notify Glen Stacey Media within five (5) business days upon receipt of the product. Glen Stacey Media will make every reasonable effort to correct any problems. If redesign or correction is required due to an error on the client’s order form or an error not originating from Glen Stacey Media, the client is responsible for all remastering fees, as well as shipping and handling costs for the replacement DVD. Any errors (typographical errors, sequence errors, etc.) on the part of Glen Stacey Media will be corrected at no charge to the client.

 The client understands that due to the time and labor involved in creating the DVD slideshows, Glen Stacey Media does not offer refunds.

 The client acknowledges that Glen Stacey Media will make every effort to create the best possible DVD slideshow from the material submitted, and will make every effort to include all of the material from the client. In doing so, however, Glen Stacey Media reserves the right to omit some of the material in order to artistically create the emotional effect and professional presentation so desired in the DVD slideshow.

 The client understands and agrees that payment in full must be received by Glen Stacey Media before production of the order begins.