How to engage your social media fans; with help from the Hess Truck


Are you looking for ways to better engage your social media fans?

Do you struggle to come to up with low or no cost ideas to promote your business on social media?

With a little creative thinking your business may already have everything you need to engage your fans to make them feel special and create a conversation.
Check out how the Hess Corporation is using a once a year promotional item to create conversation about their brand.

Now that another holiday season is on the way, the Hess Corporation is strategically using social media to promote and create excitement with their fans for the launch of the 2013 Hess Toy Truck. Every year, for 49 years, Hess has offered a different toy truck package like the 2012 Miniature Hess Toy Truck and Helicopter to the 2005 Hess Emergency Truck with Rescue Vehicle. Details of this years popular holiday gift will be announced November 1st. However, beginning October 14th, fans can help reveal the truck before the November 1 announcement. Fans can “like” Hess Express and the Hess Toy Truck on Facebook, follow Hess Express on Twitter @HessExpress and check into any Hess location via Foursquare to slowly see what this years truck will look like. The truck is also now available for pre-orderig and information on how to participate will be available on the Hess Express Facebook page on October 14 (

With the simple concept of letting fans in on the reveal, the Hess fans will feel special by having the opportunity to be the first to see this years offering. No doubt this will lead to social conversation about the truck, past trucks and the special moments shared around the Christmas tree with the Hess truck (and Hess brand). Most importantly, this gift will no doubt be given to children, who will grow up with the Hess brand and continue the conversation.

Why not create a VIP/special experience for your fans tied into a product or service you provide. It could mean little or no cost to you and big results when you’re a trying to get the conversation going.

Need to brainstorm? Contact Glen Stacey media. We would be happy to help.


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