6 reasons why your business needs video content



Let’s dive into it:

•Video is social: Ever hear of a viral video? I’m not saying that every video created needs have this aspect to it, but overall video content is easily shared (especially emotional content).

•Video is engaging: Compared to text sites, websites with video have a lower bounce rate (59 percent compared to 87 percent) and a higher average time on site (5 minutes compared to 42 seconds).

•Videos are getting viewed: 83 percent of executives say they are watching more online video today than they were a year ago.

•Video content is growing: 48 hours of video content uploaded every minute to YouTube in 2011 compared, to 35 hours in 2010 or eight hours in 2007.

•Video is accessible: With HTML 5, video can easily be viewed across all devices including iPad’s and iPhone’s.

•Video will generate better rankings: Forrester research has identified that web pages with video stand a 50 percent better chance than text pages alone of showing up on the first page of Google search results.

Where to place video content?

YouTube: YouTube is the biggest search engine outside of Google, with more than 3 billion daily views and approximately 48 hours of video content uploaded every minute YouTube is truly a heavy hitter with staggering traffic. The numbers don’t lie. Video content is growing and getting consumed. Getting your videos on YouTube is essential.

Your website: Outside of having videos on YouTube, videos should be posted on your website. Not only will this help rankings but video can also aide in conversion. A simple how-to or demonstration of a product can greatly enhance a user’s experience and entice them to purchase.

Make your video findable on YouTube

So, simply posting a video on YouTube and having it “findable” might seem a little overwhelming with the amount of content getting posted. However, optimizing a few key areas of your video will help in making it more search-friendly.

YouTube looks heavily into these areas when ranking videos:

1.Text in your titles, tags and descriptions. These should be keyword rich and content specific. YouTube offers a keyword discovery tool to help with keyword development.

2.Number of views and recent trending. YouTube considers a video “viewed” after eight seconds of run time, so make sure your video has enough pull to get past that mark. To look at how videos are trending, click the graph to the right of the views. Also keep in mind that a YouTube video viewed on a website will add to the view count.

This post, written by Jason Poulos, originally appeared on The Buzz Bin.


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