6 tips to help guide you on your path to vacation video perfection.

The summer is almost a memory and everyone knows that the warm months go hand-in-hand with prime vacation season. It’s only natural to want to preserve those memories to share with our friends and family, but let’s face it; sometimes our vacay recaps can turn into a bit of a snoozefest.

Now that it’s time to compile all of that great footage don’t worry, here 6 tips to help guide you on your path to vacation video perfection. When it is time to edit and produce your videos contact Glen Stacey Media to save you time and make summer vacation magic.

1. Let the location speak for itself!

Show, don’t tell. Think of the setting as one of the subjects of your video. You can still be the star, but let the scene have it’s camera time, too.

2. Show us your friends.

Video allows for candid moments. Try to capture your fellow travelers being themselves as opposed to herding them in front of notable landmarks and forcing them to say “Cheese!”.

3. Think in shots.

It’s easy to get carried away and film everything you see, but this can make editing a bit of a headache. Have the final video in mind when you’re shooting, and be selective. Try to shoot clips that vary in length. It’s hard to edit down really long clips.

4. Document the “moments” you want to remember.

Sometimes little things like a bottle of beer sweating in the sun can bring back the strongest memories. Try to notice the little things and give those moments some time in your video. If you watch a performance, there’s no need to document the whole thing, just show a moment from it, and that’s all you need. Think of your video as a highlight reel!

5. If you’re having fun, chances are it’s going to be fun to watch!

If you’re having a blast on your vacation, taking some video while you’re in the midst of your happiness will preserve that time for the future! Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to let one of your trusted travel companions to take some video of you, too.

6. Don’t just think video; use your photos in your video as well.

Photos with your video will show those great shots and special times that may have happened when your video camera wasn’t rolling.

For more tips and ideas contact Glen Stacey Media


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