4 keys to successsful video marketing.

 Millions of web site owners today are turning to video to enhance their online marketing strategies. It’s what the people are asking for, so companies are responding to the demand by offering video on their web pages.

 Here area few facts every business owner should know:

• 66%  of online adults (your customers) use platforms such as Facebook, You Tube and Twitter*.

•71% of online adults use video sharing sites like You Tube and Vimeo*.

Video is quickly changing the way web marketing works and there are plenty of ways video can help boost your brand.

Videos reach out to a wider audience than text. They have no linguistic challenges. Given a choice, most customers would want to watch a 30 second video about a product rather than view a handful of pages of the product’s documentation. Therefore, video marketing is time-effective.

What’s more, video marketing is cost-effective and no matter what your budget is, it’s not too expensive to launch a video marketing campaign.

How to do it right?

A successful Video Marketing requires a well-planned strategy and an equally good execution. You may have a great video but if you goof-up on your marketing strategy, it will not have the desired impact. Here are some important tips for effective video marketing.

1) Make sure your video uses the right keywords and is tagged appropriately.

2) Ensure that your videos have a high resolution and good clarity, lighting and audio. It makes no sense to publish a video which is hardly viewable.

3) If you are developing a video which showcases your product, it is advisable to have screenshots or live demonstrations as part of your video marketing campaign.

4) Once your video is published, make sure to spread the word about it on other social networks as well. YouTube offers a cool video embed feature which actually lets other sites play your video directly from YouTube without having the user leave their current web page.



A version of this story first appeared on http://smedio.com


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