5 Tips for the Ultimate Wedding Video Slideshow

 Glen Stacey Media creates a wide variety of video presentations for a variety of events. Weddings are one of projects we have the most fun working on. It’s an exciting time and with a little creativity you can create a presentation the will be a memorable part of the entire day. Here are a few tips to think about to create an amazing wedding slideshow. 

  1. Select photos of both families – from baby photos to current ones, photos of you as a couple and throw some in of the wedding party or close friends.
  2. Be sure to add not only your cute baby photos but add some of those awkward pre-teen and teen shots – those always get a lot of laughs. 
  3. Select a few medium-paced to fast-paced songs. Glen Stacey Media can edit the songs you choose to make them fit your pictures and presentation. 
  4. Use video clips. If you don’t have some from the past, record some the next time you are with the couple at a family gathering or out on the town. Just a few clips of video will add to the total presentation. 
  5. Add video of the bride and groom talking about how they met or what they like most about one another. This will make the presentation more personal and guests always will like to hear how the couple met or how he proposed. 

We’re here to help you create the perfect presentation!






A version of this story first appeared onPhotoBookGirl.com


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